Konter a Matt

  1. What is the colour of a play card ?

The current play cards are split up into 4 different suits : hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades. The value or rank of a play card depends on the sign that is represented on the card. The strongest card is the Ace followed by the King, then the Queen, the Knave, 10 and 9.

  1. How to prepare a round ?

Before you start the round, players form two teams of two players The two players of a team sit at opposite seats, each one facing an opponent and sitting next to an opponent. Their team mate will sit diagonally to his fellow player.

  1. What exactly is a “Tromp” ?

In general, a « Tromp » is a card that is stronger than all the other cards because of its colour. Among all the cards of one same colour, the order mentioned above still applies. In “Konter a Matt” 3 queens are basically a “Tromp” in the following order of rank  : Spades, Hearts, Diamonds. To help memorize these, the strongest queen, the Queen of Spades, is represented in gold, the Queen of Hearts in silver and the Queen of Diamonds in bronze. Except for the “Tromp” Ace, the three queens are always stronger than the other “Tromps”.

  1. How to set the “Tromp” of a round.

At the beginning of a round everyone receives two sets of three cards. The player sitting to the left of the dealer gets the first set. With these 3 cards he determines the “Tromp”. He announces the sign of the “Tromp” before he is allowed to look at his other 3 cards. The person who set the “Tromp” begins.

  1. Bekennen”

Bekennen” is the most important rule in “Konter a Matt”. If the first player plays for example a Spades card at the beginning, the following players also need to play Spades cards. Should a player not have a Spades card then he can just play any other card. A “Tromp” can always be played, even when the player possesses a Spades card. In case the first player plays a “Tromp”, the other players also need to follow up with a “Tromp”, unless they don’t have one. Then they can just play any card. If the first player plays a Spades card and the second follows with a “Tromp”, then the others are still obliged to play Spades.

  1. What is a “Streech” and when do you win it?

A round consists of 6 “Streech”. After every player has played a card, 4 cards in total are lying on the table. These 4 cards are considered a “Streech”. The player who plays the strongest card wins the “Streech” and puts the cards face down in front of him. The winner also starts the next round.

  1. Konter a Matt”

The Queen of Hearts and the Queen of Diamonds form the “Konter” and the Queen of Spades forms the “Matt”. When you think you are about to win a round and you are holding either the Queen of Spades or the other two, you can either “Konter” or “Matt” (depends on your cards). This is only possible if you declare this before playing the first card. Should you possess all three cards, you can do a “Konter a Matt”. The advantages of “Konter” and “Matt” are explained in point 8.

  1. Winning a round

A team wins a round when it gathers 21 points. An ace gives 4 points, a king 3 points, a queen 2 and a knave 1. 10 and 9 give no points. At the beginning, every team has 11 dashes. If the team who set the “Tromp” wins a round, it can remove a dash. If the team who set the “Tromp” loses a round, it gets as many dashes as the winning team can remove. If a team never gets a “Streech”, the winning team can remove one more dash. If there was a “Konter” or a “Matt” during a “Streech”, one more dash is added/removed; in case of a “Konter a Matt” 2 dashes are added/removed. A maximum of 4 dashes can be added/removed after a “Streech”.

  1. Standoff

A standoff happens when both teams reach 20 points during a round. In this case the team who set the “Tromp” gets 1 dash. The amount of dashes a team could have removed if there had been a winner is written down (depends on whether there was a “Konter”, “Matt”…). The same team can set the “Tromp” again. The winner of the second round can remove the dashes from this round and the previous one that were written down. In case of another standoff this procedure is to be repeated.

  1. Winner of a game

The winner of a game is the first team to get rid of all 11 dashes.

  1. Tips

You should always keep track of the “Tromps” that have been played and the amount of dashes each team has.

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