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UP&DOWN is a trick taking game with plenty of ups and downs. This is because prior to each trick, one of the players must change the rules of the trick. The UP&DOWN card in the center shows whether the next trick requires high-value cards (UP) or low-value cards (DOWN) to win.

The winner of the game is the player who won the most tricks.

What is a trick?

Every player simultaneously plays a card of his hand. These cards form the “trick”.



The UP&DOWN card has :

an UP side (blue background) and a DOWN side (green background) Up & Down - EN

Both sides each feature 4 characters who each show one suit (DIAMONDS, HEARTS, SPADES, CLUBS).


1) Preparing the Deck Remove the kings and aces from the deck. For UP&DOWN only the cards valued 2 to 10, the jacks, and the queens are required, in all four suits.

52 playing cards

2) Dealing Cards When playing with 4 players, deal 11 cards, with 3 players, deal 14 cards, and with 2 players, deal 15 cards to each player. Put any remaining cards (with 2 or 3 players) aside, face down.

3) Setting up the Trump Roll both dice. The trump is equal the sum of both dice (in the pictured example, it is 7). The values 2 to 10, jacks (sum 11) and queens (sum 12) can be trump. (Note: The color of the dice has no effect on the game.)

2 Trump dice

4) Starting Position of the U&D Card & choosing the first Trick Leader Throw the U&D card in the air, in a way that it lands between the players on the table. The card now shows either UP or DOWN.

Move the U&D card to the center, orienting it so that each player has exactly one suit clearly face him or her.

The player on the side of the CLUBS suit becomes the first trick leader.


The current rules of the trick can always be determined by the position of the U&D card and the trump dice. These rules change before each trick!

If the U&D card shows the UP side, the next trick is won by the best high card in the trick.

If the U&D card shows the DOWN side, the trick is won by the best low card in the trick.

Pay attention to the suits facing you! You can only win a trick with a card of your own suit (the suit pointing at you) or with a card having the value of the trump (sum of the dice). The suit is of no importance on a trump card.


The number of tricks played is equal to the number of cards in each hand. Each trick is played according to the following sequence of steps:

1) The current trick leader changes the rules of the trick.

2) Then each player (including the trick leader) chooses one card from his or her hand and places it face down in front of him or her.

3) All players reveal their card simultaneously. The player who played the best card wins the trick.

4) The trick leader job moves one player to the left.

1) Changing the Rules of the Trick The trick leader must change the rules of the trick. To do so, he or she must choose exactly one of the following three options:

A) Flip the U&D Card (change UP/DOWN)

Flip the U&D card from UP to DOWN or from DOWN to UP!

Important: The U&D card may only be flipped, not rotated. I.e. the current player suits may not change. Therefore, always flip the card along the long edge. Up & Down - EN

B) Rotate the U&D Card (change suits)

Rotate the U&D card in a way that any suit other than your current one is now facing you. By doing so, each opponent now has a different suit as well.

Important: The U&D card may only be rotated, not flipped!

C) Roll Dice (change trump)

Roll both dice to determine the new trump value! If the value is the same as the old, reroll both dice until they show a new value.

2) Choosing a Card Now all players simultaneously choose a single card from their hand and place it face down in front of them. You may choose any card, but don’t forget you can only win the trick if your card is of your own suit or a trump (see below: 3) Scoring the trick).

3) Scoring the Trick (determine best card) Once each player has placed a card face down, reveal them simultaneously and score the trick. To do so, compare the cards in the following sequence:

A) In the case of UP, check for the highest card, in the case of DOWN, check for the lowest.

B) All cards with equal value cancel each other out and cannot win the trick (even if they are of the trump value).

C) Of the remaining cards, only those are eligible to win that are of the player’s suit or of the trump value (the trump does not necessarily have to be in the player’s suit!)

D) A trump is higher than the highest card (in the case of UP) and lower than the lowest card (in the case of DOWN).

Special Case: No best card

If no player has the single best card (because some or all cards have been canceled and/or cards have not been played in either the player’s suit or the trump value), no player wins the trick. Instead, the trick is put aside, «into the pot». The pot can contain multiple tricks, if multiple consecutive tricks did not yield a winner.

The next player who wins a trick additionally wins all the tricks in the current pot. Up & Down - EN

If there is no single best card in the last trick, the pot is discarded.

Scoring examples:

Ex. A Kim wins. Her 9 in her own suit is of higher value than the 5 played by Leah in her color. Alex’s 10 is theoretically a higher value, however clubs is not his suit and thus can not win. Ex. B The queen in the own suit would actually be the best card. However, both queens cancel each other out, and the jack, being the next highest card, wins the trick.

Ex. C The trump value would be (regardless of the suit) the best card. But Kim’s & Leah’s 7’s cancel each other out. Furthermore, Alex cannot win the trick either, since he did not play a card in his suit.

As a result, the trick is put into the pot.

4) Passing the Trick Leader After the trick has been claimed, the trick leader job moves to the player to the left of the previous holder. The new trick leader starts the next trick by changing the trick rules, then each player chooses a card, etc…

TIP: To remember who is currently the trick leader, you can leave the trump dice in front of him or her, then pass them to the left after each trick.


After all cards have been played, each player counts the number of tricks he or she won. If you only play one round, the player who won the most tricks is the winner of the game. Up & Down - EN

If you play multiple rounds (e.g. one round per player), note the scores on a sheet of paper. After the last round, the player who won the most tricks is the winner of the game.

TIP: In case of a tie, we recommend playing another round.

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